Linux Web Hosting

All Linux Web hosting accounts come with Cpanel
Virtual Servers are available starting at $20.00
Dedicated Servers are available starting at $99.99 . Please contact us for a price quote.

POW Extreme $35.00

POW Extreme is Powserve’s most powerful hosting package, geared toward medium to large businesses, with a full 10 gigabytes of space, backed by PHP scripting that makes it easy to collect form data, receive and send cookies, and create outstanding graphics and content.

With the addition of SSL, you can be assured of an encrypted connection between your website and your visitors’ browsers, so sensitive information can be safely transmitted without fear of interception or tampering.

Powserve also utilizes MySQL, which is widely considered to be the best language for accessing, managing, and adding to database content. It’s fast, reliable and flexible. In addition to these advantages, Powserve offers unmetered bandwidth, meaning that your monthly fee does not change regardless of the amount of data that flows to and from your site during the month.


With POW Extreme, you get five domains (with transfer and registration included in your fee) and unlimited email addresses, and Powserve looks after your hosting needs, with full technical support provided. You can access and change your client information at any time, and you can always rely on us to make sure that your website is fully functional at all times. POW Extreme is available for just $25.00 per month. Virtual servers are also available, starting at $20.00, and dedicated servers start at $99.00.