Linux Web Hosting

All Linux Web hosting accounts come with Cpanel
Virtual Servers are available starting at $20.00
Dedicated Servers are available starting at $99.99 . Please contact us for a price quote.

Email / DNS Only $4.00/mo

Your customers need to be able to reach you the first time, every time. If you’ve ever been frustrated by the functionality of your ISP’s email server, there is a solution. Powserve offers a highly reliable third party DNS service that can help you manage your email without having to rely on your ISP. Essentially, you attach your email to our server without changing your address. Now, even if your ISP ceases to operate, you don’t have to change your address and confuse your customers.

With our DNS email service, you can choose to have your email encrypted before we send it on, which is very useful for companies and services that handle sensitive material. Our anti-spam filtering is state-of-the-art, so you never have to worry about scrolling through unwanted messages. And there’s no need for your customers to have to remember long email addresses because, when they simply click on the “mail” link in your browser, their message will be automatically directed to your inbox.

Best of all, if your ISP goes down, you don’t have to wait for important emails – they’re on the Powserve server, ready for you to retrieve.


With our email service, you get a full gigabyte of storage space and none of the aggravation of dealing with ISPs that aren’t always reliable. Peace of mind is yours for just $4.00 per month.